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Why did I start a low-carb life?

I remember like it was yesterday, that feeling where did my life go, where did the years go. My doctor had just told me he wants me to start taking blood pressure medicine and those feelings took over me. How did I get here? High blood pressure 055was the start, next it would be diabetes. At 45 years old is this how I was going to live the rest of my life? Was I destined to be taking medicine the rest of my life?

This photo of me was taken before I started my low-carb, ketogenic life and I weighed more than 275. In the photo I am wearing a tuxedo so it helps me look better but it was the biggest tuxedo they had. 56 inches and the pants were elastic. When I lose the 100 pounds I plan to rent a tuxedo and take a photo with this same pose.

I am sure I am not the first patient to ask his doctor is there any other way, do I have to start taking medication? He gave me that look that people give you when they know how this story ends. He told me if you can lose some weight you might be able to bring your blood pressure down. The doctor said it with so little belief that it would really happen I started to doubt it myself. I was baffled at that moment but I knew I would have to find a way to get control of my weight. I declined the medicine and said I would lose the weight, find a better way, and what I found was “A Low-Carb Life”.

The road less traveled

My blood pressure is back to normal and I have lost 40 pounds. I started this blog because my short-term goal is to get to 175. Even though Diabetes runs through my family like water I am no longer concerned with blood sugar or glucose destroying my body. I am in control of my life again, and it feels good. I have a short-term goal to get to 175 lbs. My long-term goal is 160. Get strapped in, this is going to be a long ride.

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