LaTonya Owens is living “A Low-Carb Life”

Meet LaTonya Owens,

August 1st marked a new day for LaTonya when she decided to start living a low-carb life. Just like most people, she knows the rough outlines of what “low-carb’ is, but has been skeptical about it. Today I sat down to talk to LaTonya. It was a very interesting conversation. I can’t say that LaTonya is a stranger, matter of fact, I consider her a friend. We sit next to each other at my day job. LaTonya has had a front row seat to the changes I have made this year. She said it is one of the reasons she has decided to give a low-carb life a try.

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LaTonya is one of the nicest people I know. I will do what I can for people I barely know, which is nice, but nothing like LaTonya. I have never told LaTonya, but she reminds me a lot of my aunt who raised me. My aunt never had any kids of her own, but raised 3 boys. One was a child that was living down the street, who wasn’t even related to us. That didn’t matter to my Aunt, she took him in all the same. Even though he had a mother and father down the street, my aunt did all she could for Andy. LaTonya, like my aunt, has the biggest heart and does nice things for people and she does it with a smile.

What are you eating?

It caught me off guard when LaTonya tapped me on the shoulder one day and told me she wanted to try a low-carb life. LaTonya always looks like a million dollars so I had no clue she wanted to try Low-carb. Everyone wants to do better, feel better, and look better, and I am willing to share my experiences with anyone that wants to try low-carb. I was honored that my example was enough to encourage her to try a low carb life.

Early on in my journey, I stopped at the store and bought some strawberry cream cheese and some barbecue pork skins. I would dip the skins in the cream cheese and the look on LaTonya’s face was priceless. ‘What are you eating” LaTonya said with a very skeptical look on her face. When I told her, the look didn’t get any better. That combination tastes pretty good, by the way.Cook Book with an immage of brisket on a white plate

Can we talk?

When I sat down with LaTonya, one of the first questions I asked her was why. Why do you want to do Low-carb? LaTonya said “I want to be there for my daughter.” She told me about all the things she wants to experience with her daughter. I think we all know life is short and anything we can do to make sure we have a long, productive life, is a great thing. This reminded me that family is a big motivator to do what is best. We often will endure a lot of things for the ones we love. I could tell the thought of not being there for her daughter’s life events was a true driver to try something different. Even in the face of the conventional wisdom that fat is bad, LaTonya has stepped out on that limb.

LaTonya told me how just a few years ago, she could control her weight with little effort, but since hitting her 40s, it is not easy anymore. Like a lot of people around our age, we start to understand that it can’t be just calories in vs calories out. There must be something else that is packing on the pounds. LaTonya talked about how she now has high blood pressure and how she doesn’t want to be on medicine the rest of her life.

That is one of the reasons I started a low-carb life. My doctor wanted to prescribe high blood pressure medicine to me, but I decided to change. That moment brought home that youth has passed me by and I am now looking at the second half of my life. I could sense that LaTonya had that same experience when she was put on High blood pressure medicine.

In Conclusion

One of the funny things she told me was, she picked up some strawberries and was surprised that they were sweet without any syrup. She said, “I had no clue they were naturally sweet. All these years I have added sugar to these strawberries not know they were already sweet.”

We talked for 22 minutes, I have it recorded and I hope to post it one day, when I start doing podcast. I plan to chronicle LaTonya’s journey in a section called “A Low-Carb Story”. With a little coaching I want to share how she does, the real story. LaTonya plans to write what she is eating and share that, as well. Eventually I plan to tell many people’s stories about doing low-carb. I have no idea how those stories will go. I do know, however, that it will be worth telling the story.

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