About Us & the Man in the Mirror

Walker One-The man in the mirror

Standing in front of the mirror is always a tough thing to do, but it is even harder when 40% of your body weight is fat you know you need to lose. You start rationalizing about why you are so big. You start giving into despair with every pound and the pounds just keep coming. Every new pain is one more sign that you have lost control of your body and your life. You put on the good face when you go places but at night when it is just you and that person in the mirror there is no hiding from the truth.

This was me Walker One (Christopher Walker) at the start of 2016, or maybe this is you now. I know the way desolation can set into your soul and you start to give in to the demons that come with every extra pound.  My life has changed since I stumbled on the key that opened the door to hope. It was a video of Stephen Pfinney telling the diet doctor people probably don’t eat enough fat and that is probably why they are still hungry after they cut the carbohydrates.

That was like a light switch that went off in my head. At that moment it made sense, why I could not stay on the Atkins diet that had helped me lose 50 pounds 12 years earlier. Then  another video led me to/Dr Jeff Volek, then Dr. Ludwig, and I found Jimmy Moore. Then I hit the jackpot Gary Taube’s speech Why we get fat”. I ran out and got the book, it open my eyes to why i was not able to win the battle.

The AwakeningHeadshot of Walker One, he has a black shirt on and safety Glases

This about us page we are talking about my ketogenic/low-carb journey. This blog is my road to a better state of mind, body and soul. Starting at 275 pounds and I am working my way to 175 and then 160.  I invite you on my odyssey, the highs the lows, the good and the bad, I plan to share what I eat and how I am feeling, What I am doing to break the plateaus and I plan to share what I have learned along the way.

In conclusion

Have you ever heard a dumb man never learns from his mistakes, a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes? I hope that you can be wise and learn from my mistakes and successes. Low-Carb Lifestyle is an expansive world and there is no one way to do low-carb. A doctor or dietitian I am not, for that matter I am not trained in the healthcare field. I am the average person trying to make sense of all the chatter that we call health information. I will give my opinion that will vaguely resemble advice. You should source everything you read on this site with other sources. Nothing I am saying should ever be considered medical or legal advice. I want to use my story to spark the questions that lead you to find the answers.

Welcome to My Ketogenic Journey.