My first Bone Broth Brew made in a Crock Pot

Bone Broth

After 48 hours of waiting my bone broth was complete. Given I have never tasted someone else’s bone broth I am really wonder if this is what it is supposed to be. Well I know I did a few things wrong at the start of this process so that could have something to do with how it turned out. I don’t think it turned out “bad” I just was not sure what I should have got.

Banner that has a skelleton muscle frame runningThis Idea came from listening to Low Carb Conversations, Jimmy Moore often talks about how he uses bone broth when he is fasting to make sure his body get the nutrients that he needs. Bone broth they talked about it a few times and made it sound like it is was the best thing since water. In the book The complete guide to fasting, Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore explain all the benefits of intermittent fasting.


  • 2 eggs, 2 TBS sour cream, 1 slice of American cheese, pinch salt, 1 tsp pepper.
  • 3 strips of Bacon


I made a few mistakes like not baking the bones first. I had already washed and put the bones in the crock pot by the time I figure out it taste better when you roast the bones first. Now after the bones are finished I actually

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understand why they say that. The bone broth has a roasted meat flavor to it. Of course I got my instructions from YouTube on how to do the bone broth. You would be surprised how many bone broth recipes are on YouTube. The one thing they don’t do is tell you why the do what they do and what to expect from doing things one way or the other. The roasting of the bones was in the second video I watched.


I roasted the bones after they had already soaked for an hour. That leads me to my second mistake. I roasted them way too long. Of course the second video said roasts the bones for over an hour. I now realize that was too long. If had watched the third video before I would have known this. I really don’t think it hurt it too much but it has made that roasted flavor stand out. I am sure that it will taste good with some vegetables.


Buffalo Wings Mild sauce, Ranch Dressing,

Just add water

For my third mistake (said in a magician’s voice), I will add a whole bunch of stuff that will flavor the broth. It was not mentioned in the first 3 video specifically. Matter of fact in the second video they did flavor it but didn’t mention why. I now know why. They had already made plans for their broth. I flavored my with onions and garlic and a few other ingredients now after tasting I realized there are limited things I will be able to mix this with. If I had left it plain I could have flavored it with each dish I made. Of course if had watched the 4th video it would have told me this and saved me the trouble.

So in the future I will just add apple cider vinegar and water. I have already started my next batch of bone broth so I have made that adjustment already. I learned in the 3rd video that it is good to use bones from the first batch with the second and third batch. You just need to add new bones to it.


  • Chicken Parmesan
  • 2 cups of pre bagged Iceberg salad, Ranch dressing

In conclusion

48 hours of anticipation was ended with a Quart of bone broth. Yes silly me went and bought a strainer but didn’t think about how I was going to pour the liquid from the crock pot to the Ball jar. I think I wasted mare then I saved. On top of that the bones I had did not have cartridge. It was mostly femur. This is great to get the marrow but it is missing some of the other key nutrients. So my first batch ended with as much animal fat as real broth.

I did reuse the bones for the second batch and the second bath has finished I have 2 quarts out of that batch with a lot less fat. The third batch is cooking with a few new bones added. After this batch I plan to cook a checked bone broth. I have

Already started collecting bones for a chicken broth. I probably will take notes from at least 5 videos to save my self some time.


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