LaTonya Owens Week 1 Review

Week 1 in Review

LaTonya has completed week one so we sat down to review week one. I decided to record this conversation on video. We want people to see and hear what it means to start a low-carb life. I don’t want to make people think it is easy. In this video I think it is very clear that LaTonya is fighting years more “LaTonya Owens Week 1 Review”

LaTonya Owens is living “A Low-Carb Life”

Meet LaTonya Owens,

August 1st marked a new day for LaTonya when she decided to start living a low-carb life. Just like most people, she knows the rough outlines of what “low-carb’ is, but has been skeptical about it. Today I sat down to talk to LaTonya. It was a very interesting conversation. I can’t say that LaTonya is a stranger, matter of fact, I consider her a friend. We sit next to each other at my day job. LaTonya has had a front row seat to the changes I have made this year. She said it is one of the reasons she has decided to give a low-carb life a try. more “LaTonya Owens is living “A Low-Carb Life””