The Big Fat Lie, Why We Get Fat

The Lie

What if I told you that you have been mislead for the last 45 years.  Maybe everyday of your life you have been told the “Big Fat Lie”. We have been told that we get fat because we are lazy and we eat too much while thin people have control and are active.  Our entire lives have been divided between people who are more active and eat less compared to the rest of us. We had been told that this was based in science. We were told that the U.S Government had done exhaustive studies and there was no debate. We had been told there was scientific definitive proof, that millions of people became super lazy and ate too much in less than 20 years, and it was all our fault. That was a “Big Fat Lie“. more “The Big Fat Lie, Why We Get Fat”

The Beauty of Ketosis

One of the beauties of eating low carbohydrate diet is you can check to see when you are losing fat, maybe a better what of saying this is you will know when you are using fat for energy. That process is called Ketosis. No other method of losing weight has this metabolic advantage. The part that makes Ketosis so cool is you can test to see if you are really getting any benefit out of what you are eating. To me this is huge. more “The Beauty of Ketosis”

The Survey Says!

In a low fat world the low carb is gaining steam. In a gallup poll it was clear that a bigger percentage of people believe low carb is a better way to lose weight then low fat. more “The Survey Says!”