Debut of A Low-Carb Life Podcast

Welcome to the Debut of A Low-Carb Life Podcast.

The Debut of A Low-Carb Life Podcast is a collection of stories about everyday people taking the extra ordinary step to improve their lives. They do this  by living a low-carb life. future podcast will be in interview format and they will  highlight one of the truths about low-carb, ketogenic living. There is no one size fit all program. We plan to keep regular updates from some of our neighbors. Others will be just passing through, but we would like you to pull up a chair and stay awhile.

This session we try to share our passion for living a low-carb life. We give a outline of what we believe is a low-carb life and how if liberates us and gives us hope. This session reaches out to those that are interested in a low-carb life and inspire them to take the next step. We share the format for future episodes.


We would like to say a special thank you to Keni Myles his song Amer-I-can the closes the show out.

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Music for the intro was provided by Purple-Planet check out other music they can provide.

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