Get rid of the damn scales

I am so tired of scales.

I bought one last year that was supposed to be super accurate, you know lasers and all. 3 months ago I realized that depending on where in the house I set the scale it would give me a different weight. Can you imagine weighing 200 in the kitchen but weighing 215 in the bathroom? This made no sense to me, how could I weigh more in one room then the other, up to 15 lbs. difference.


  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • ½ cup of guacamole
  • 2 Sausage patty
  • 2 tbsp. of coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp. grass feed butter.
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of heavy whipping cream.

I decided that I was going to use the scale at the YMCA where I work out at lunch sometimes.  This is the kind that has the weights you have to balance to get your weight. It is always interesting trying to move your hand as little as possible and adjust the weights. Each time you move your hand it shifts your weight on the scale.

This scale is the traditional kind that I can put some faith in due to you calibrate it yourself. You calibrate it before you get on by putting the scale at zero and balance right in the middle of the indication area.

I trusted the one at the YMCA near my job until. One day I had weighed myself at the YMCA by my job and then later that same day I had weighed myself at the one by my house.  Can you believe that they were way different, 13 lbs difference. That is way too much to scratch up to water or the time of the day.


  • 32 oz water

I decided the YMCA I use the most, the one by my job, is correct. It didn’t hurt that it said I was lighter.

It wasn’t long after the 2 times I weighed myself at the 2 different YMCA, I went to get a physical. I decided to go to the gym to work out before, I went to get the physical , of course I weighed myself before I went. Without eating or drinking anything I gained 5 lbs going from the YMCA to the doctor’s office.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is Sunday there was a scale at store. It said I was 15 lbs. lighter than I was Friday at the YMCA I like this scale, maybe this should become my new scale.

I am done with scales.


  • 1 bratwurst
  • 1/4 cup of sauerkraut
  • 1/2 cup of Guacamole

Monday when I went to the YMCA I didn’t really feel like working out but I planned on walking around down town because that is where I work. I figured I would walk 2 miles. It was around 90 degrees so it probably was not the smartest move. I stopped by the YMCA prior to walking to weigh myself. It said that I had broken my latest plateau. I had been close to breaking the 230 barrier for a week. Monday I cracked it like an egg. I felt very good about that.

Even though I know scales aren’t perfect, they do give us a general feel for where we are on weight. The good news is none of the scales said I was at 275 or 255 furthermore they all had me in the neighbourhood of where I think and feel I am. So Scales have a place but it is not the only thing I am using to tell me about my progress.

I use clothes

I have been in my current role at my job for 5 years. Given I went from manufacturing management to planning and control procurement. It meant I needed to by some new clothes. I bought those clothes with the intent of losing weight. Needless to say I gained weight. I bought shirts at size 17-1/2 and 18. I couldn’t fit any of these shirts any more.

I truly was big. I am wearing 18 with no problem now. Matter of fact if I can get back into the 16-1/2 range I will save money. At my height anything 17 and above have to be taken to the tailor to have the arms shortened because I am short. I am looking forward to the day I can buy a shirt right of the rack and not take it to get altered and not roll up my sleeves.


  • Meat loaf
  • sour cream
  • Cheesy broccoli
  • Cream Cheese strawberry stevia desert.

Measuring tape

I measure my waist with a measuring tape and I track it on My Fitness pal. This is proving to work well. I use a health o meter tape measure because it is digital but I am wondering how correct it is. The goal at this point is to keep positive indications of improvement. If I go from 275 to 163 but I think it is 160, won’t hurt me one way or the other. It will really be about my health markers like blood pressure and A1C. These things that have traditionally plagued my family. If I can make it to 65 without ever being diagnosed a diabetic or high blood pressure I think I will be doing great.

In conclusion, the scale means very little but it does have a mental effect. It can make us happy one day and makes us sad the next. I am going to try to break the bonds of the scale in my life. If I am living with a 38 inch waist and normal blood pressure and A1C I don’t think I will care at all what the scale says.

2 thoughts on “Get rid of the damn scales

  1. Michelle LCHF

    I’m a scale addict myself, I used to weigh myself all day but have reduced it to once as soon as I wake up. Use only one scale because the others cause me stress and fluctuations as well. Lol. Congrats on weight loss. U gonna make a YouTube. I’m Michelle LCHF up there. I document my journey. I’ll stop by to check on u tho, I love blogs

    1. Walker One

      Michelle, my scale addiction knows no bounds. I hope i find a better way to satisfy this insatiable appetite for reassurance that i am losing weight and making improvements.

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