KetoGenesis Week One Video- Ready for Change

Ready, Set, Go Low-Carb

Rochelle, as she introduces her self in this video, was ready for a change. On May 30th of 2016 Rochelle decide to start living a Keto life, which of course is also A Low-Carb Life. Making this huge leap Rochelle decided to start a you tube channel to share her experimental journey. As a stage name Rochelle picked KetoGenesis, for reasons she explains in later video. In this video she introduces us to who she is and what has motivated her to start A Low-Carb Life. Click on the photo below to see her story.

Photo of KetoGenesis sitting in fron of the flower painting talking to us about her journey.

Meet KetoGenesis

One of my authors on A Low-Carb Life is KetoGenesis. Rochelle is her first name but I have come to know her as KetoGenesis. She is one of the people that has encouraged me to stay the course with low-carb. KetoGenesis is tracking her journey on YouTube. We will chronicle that journey here, as well. KG, as I like to call her, lives in northern California. So she brings a totally new perspective, than I do, being from the heartland.

As you watch her video you can feel her passion for learning and losing the weight. KG’s passion and success inspires me to try harder. In this video is an introduction to who she is and how she got to the place where she wanted to try a low-carb life. KG is focusing on Keto, which is high fat, above 80% of all the calorie intake is coming from fat. Her style is a compliment to what we are trying to achieve on a low carb life