The Low-Carb Chronicles

There are 8 million stories in the naked city and these are the low-carb chronicles

My favorite T.V. shows, books, movies and stories start with similar phrases so why not this page? These are The Low-Carb Chronicles, a collections of stories that tell each persons story that have live a low-carb life. Each person has a unique story to tell so check them out.

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You will find all kinds of stories in these collections , some with only one post, you will also find some with multiple entries. Some will chronicle their progress, others will just introduce them selves. You may find Ketogenic, Atkins, Zero Carb or Paleo. One thing they will have in common is that all the stories will be of people who have reduced the amount of carbohydrates they eat, compared to the Standard American diet.  I pray that you will find the story that speaks to you in a way that helps you.


Meet LaTonya OwensA Smaller photo of Latonya Owens

August 1st 2016 marked a new day for LaTonya when she decided to start living a low-carb life. Just like most people, she knows the rough outlines of what “low-carb’ is, but has been skeptical about it. Today I sat down to talk to LaTonya. It was a very interesting conversation. I can’t say that LaTonya is a stranger, matter of fact, I consider her a friend. We sit next to each other at my day job. LaTonya has had a front row seat to the changes I have made this year. She said it is one of the reasons she has decided to give a low-carb life a try. Click to read LaTonya’s story here.


This is a Photo of Rochelle Ketogenesis.Meet KetoGenesis

One of my authors on A Low-Carb Life is KetoGenesis. Rochelle is her first name but I have come to know her as KetoGenesis. She is one of the people that has encouraged me to stay the course with low-carb. KetoGenesis is tracking her journey on YouTube. We will chronicle that journey here, as well. KG, as I like to call her, lives in northern California. So she brings a totally new perspective, than I do, being from the heartland.

As you watch her video you can feel her passion for learning and losing the weight. KG’s passion and success inspires me to try harder. In this video is an introduction to who she is and how she got to the place where she wanted to try a low-carb life. KG is focusing on Keto, which is high fat, above 80% of all the calorie intake is coming from fat. Her style is a compliment to what we are trying to achieve on a low carb life Click here to read KetoGenesis story.


    Meet Zero-Carb Kelly Hogan

This is the Befor and after photos of Kelly Hogan she lost over 100 pounds

If tomorrow someone did something amazing, like lift a car off their baby using super human strength, scientist would take notice. Companies would spend millions of dollars trying to unlock that potential. If a child fell from an 8th story window and lived, they would

do the same thing. When people do extraordinary things, scientist usually take notice. They want

to find out what made

this person special. Meet My Zero-Carb Life’s Kelly Hogan, she did something, that in today’s world, is pretty amazing. She lost over 120 pounds, had three kinds and kept it off the whole time. Let me say that again. A woman, that was previously 120 pounds plus of where she was before having kids, had three kids and was back to normal weight within weeks of having each child. Where are the scientist? Click here to read the rest more about Kelly’s Story.