Making progress the low-carb way.

Making progress the Low Carb Way

Today I wore a size 17 1\2 dress shirt. This is huge deal to me. When I started in March I couldn’t button this shirt up. 2 weeks ago I could get it on but it was snug around the belly. So I didn’t wear it. Today I wore it with room to move. I love these kind of improvements. Scales be damned, lol.

People are asking me how I have lost 44 lbs. in 4 months, “It’s the sugar, stupid.” Now in the abstract that seems like an over simplification, but I am telling you, it is the whole story. As with all of my post now I have included in this one what I ate the day before. The thing you will find very little of is sugar. To me sugar is like kryptonite, it saps me of my strength and health. Over the last few months I have really started learning a lot about how the body works. I know enough to know that some simple truths.

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  • 3 scrambled eggs,
  • ½ cup of guacamole
  • 2 tbsp. of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. spoons grass feed butter.

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Dr. Carlson

In Dr. James Carlson’s book,  “Genocide how your doctors ignorance will kill you.” he talks about this in detail. Dr. Carlson explains the pathways that the body uses to turn food into energy. He breaks it down from a medical school textbook level to everyday language so we can all understand how the body turns sugar into cholesterol. Reading this book has taught me a lot about the human body and diseases like type 2 diabetes. I recommend this book to anyone that is considering going Low-Carb High fat. I am including one of his many videos where he explains the role of sugar in our lives.

Dr. Carlson says he only received 2 weeks of training on nutrition while going to Medical school. The good news is he already had a graduated degree in biochemistry so he knew how the body process food. In his book Genocide he tells us that the conversation about calories in reference to weight loss is crazy talk.


  • 16 oz water
  • 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 4 drops stevia
  • 2 tsp of lemon juice
  • 2 tsp of lime juice

Fatty tissue

Everybody has adipose also called fatty tissue. The question is, is your fatty tissue in fat storage mode or fat releasing mode, and what regulates that? This is where everybody has gone wrong when it comes to weight loss. If we would stop thinking of our fat as something we do and start thinking of it as something we have, we might get somewhere. The current conventional wisdom says we have fat because of what we do or don’t do, better said, we are taking more calories in then we are burning. I want to ask us to start thinking of fat as what it really is, fatty tissue, millions of little sacks that are either being filled with, storing, or releasing triglycerides. This is what makes us fat.

Think about this for a minute. That little gut or butt, which we have come accustom, is truly just a million little sacks being stretched more and more and making us bigger and bigger. We have been taught that this is because we eat and the calories that we don’t use get stuffed into these little sacks. If you think of trash bags in your house, if you just fill trash bags and lay them around the house for years, every room would get filled with stuffed trash bags. The question would not be what’s wrong with the house, no one would think that the house had a problem because it keeps storing trash bags instead of putting them on the curb, they would want to know what is wrong with you. What is making you store trash? People would want to know the cause.


  • Hamburger patty/ mustard
  • Salad with ranch dressing

The theory of Ketosis

When it comes to the body, no one is asking what is the causing the body to stock fat, Like a balloon holding air there has to be something that is pushing the fat into the fatty tissues. That something in a balloon is the person, that something in the body is insulin. Insulin regulates the use of carbohydrates by promoting the absorption of glucose from the blood to skeletal muscles and fat tissue and by causing fat to be stored rather than used for energy. This is key to why we get fat.

Everybody should know that the more insulin that your body produces the more fat it is going to store in the fatty tissues. Now the question is what drives the production of insulin? Insulin is produced in the body to remove excess glucose from the blood, which otherwise would be toxic. The more sugar in your blood the more insulin is going to be created to regulate the sugar. As we have already said that triggers the body to store more in the Fatty tissues.

This leads me to ask where the blood sugar comes from. When I say blood sugar I am talking about glucose. A healthy body does a great job of regulating blood sugar, this is called homeostasis. There a few ways the body can produce glucose, the one we can easily control is the intake of carbohydrates and simple sugars. Carbohydrates are broken down in the glucose and fructose, in other words sugar. If you are following this, we have said that carbohydrates breakdown into sugars glucose and fructose, and those sugars trigger the body to create insulin that then takes any excess sugar and stores it in fatty tissues.


  • Thai red curry chicken
  • Pan fried Vegetables.

In conclusion

When people ask me how I lost 44 pounds in 4 months, getting to a closer to a healthy me, I am talking about restricting carbohydrates. What some people call a Low Carb diet. knowing about the process to lose weight is a good first step to getting control. In this post I just wanted to explain what is triggering the body to store fat in most people.My goal is to get at least one person curious. I hope we can reach hope that one person that has tried all other kinds of diets. That person that might be considering going under the knife I am hoping that they reconsider. Maybe that person that tried low-carb before but didn’t seek guidance maybe they took advice from their friends. This time check out our Low-Carb tips I am sure you will have a different experience.

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