A time to remember

Remember the time.

Standing at the stove as the sun light started to peek through the window shades this morning felt natural. I could remember the time my great-grandmother was standing at the stove in her kitchen in Tennessee. It was an ancient stove to today’s standards. It still used wood for fuel. But she treated it like it was most important thing in the house. I miss those summer days  being a little kid looking up to this, fish catching, shotgun shooting, pig slaughtering, snuff chewing, blue-eyed, dark-skinned woman named Joe. She talked with that Tennessee draw that always makes you feel at home. Every morning she was up before the sun getting breakfast for the family.

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She never once complained or acted as if she didn’t have time or that she should be doing something else. She would rub me on the head and give me whatever little scrap of fat jerky or bacon that was lying around to keep me quiet until everyone else got up and around.

wood burrning oven with door open.

Even though they had a little farm, they raised most of the food they ate. I remember it being a treat to go to the store once a week or so to get house hold items we hardly ever got food. Those were good times. This morning I could feel the love that Grandma Joe must have felt as she cooked real food, not pouring a bowl of cereal or warming up a bagel. I have been cooking every morning for the last 4 months for my son and myself and it is a wonderful feeling. It is hard to believe I used to feel like I didn’t have time.

That beautiful dark skinned direct descendant of freed slaves, lived to be 103 years old. Eating everything that modern medicine tells us not to eat. She chewed tobacco in the form of snuff her whole life she died of Alzheimer not cancer. Now that I know that Alzheimer’s is known as type 3 diabetes I can only imagine if she would have continued to eat the way she had her whole life how long she would have lived.

How do we stack up?

I make time to cook maybe there is a better way to say that. I cook because I have time. One of the many things that I have come to notice is I have more time. Yes it true I feel I have more time. I sleep less and don’t feel sleepy. I eat less often so I can use that time to do other things and I feel better so I do more making better use of my time. I have more time. I remember lying in the bed not that long ago and watching every episode of Season 2 Daredevil on Netflix (awesome) all in one week end. I checked it off as binge but I now know that it was me responding to my hormones telling me to find a reason to lie down and do as little as possible.

Now I find myself going all week and never turning the T.V. on. I go from cooking to cleaning to reading to working on this web site one right after the other. I play with my son more. I plan to do that even more. I feel that I have more time.

I mark this all up to eating a Low Carb High Fat ketogenic way. Listen to the naysayers and they will tell you when you eat low carb your tired all the time you lose strength. I am here to say that is not true, I do more now than I ever did when I was living off sugar. When I listen to professor Noakes talk about athletes that train in a state of ketosis we know it isn’t true. We can live a sugar free life and still feel energetic and do more and make more time.

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