The name is Moore,,,,, Jimmy Moore.

You are not alone, Jimmy Moore is there..

One of the toughest things about living “A Low-Carb Life” is feeling like you are going it alone. in 2003 I felt that way, it was when I started doing Atkins. I felt as if I was on an Island. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. People treated me different. People would often tempt me with foods they knew I was trying not to eat. There was literally no one I could talk to for support. The only resource I had was this book, the Atkins diet. I lost 50 pounds, got within shooting distance of my goal, and then fell off because it felt so foreign to what everyone else was doing. In those days there was no Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or twitter. I remember feeling so alone. Luckily You are not alone.

A picture of Jimmy moore giving a speech

Jimmy Moore is a trail blazer

Every once in awhile a person can see things other people can’t, Steve Jobs is a great example of this. These people often become trailblazers that change the world. They have a way of opening our eyes to things that were right in front of our faces. That person often steps to the beat of their own drum, and when you catch on, it’s like you start hearing a brand new song. That song changes the way you hear music for the rest of your life. It is rare to find people like this, but I have found that one person, Jimmy Moore, to me, he is just like that. When I started Low-Carb in 2016, I knew I was not alone, Jimmy Moore was there.

When listening to Jimmy’s Podcast and watching Youtube video’s of this guy, I think he is the real deal, when it comes to low-carb living. No, he is not like Stephanie Person, with the washboard abs. He is an ordinary guy that has put himself out there, to support other people trying to change their lives. He is trying to get the word out that Saturated fat is not what is making us fat and clogging our arteries.

Like Columbus, who believed he could sail west and eventually end up in the east, Jimmy believed that he should do just the opposite of what the experts were saying. Columbus changed the world by exploring his beliefs. Most people believed that he would fail and die. Columbus went out on that limb any way. Jimmy Moore did the same thing in 2004.  He walked out on a limb that doctors said would kill him, Jimmy started eating Low-Carb High-Fat, and the world has started to change.

Jimmy Moore before and After Photo. After he lost 170 pounds.

back in 2004

In 2004 there were no website like “A Low-Carb Life” to find guidance. There were no living la vida Low-Carb show for him to listen to get confirmation he was doing the right thing. No Keto talk podcast with Dr. Nally to tell you why the diet works and what to expect as you go down this road. There was no Stephanie Persons to get inspiration from. It truly was a man stepping out on his beliefs and having faith that he would not clog his arteries and die an early death.  He saw something a lot of the rest of us didn’t.

I started my Atkins diet in 2003 I lost 50 pounds, I went from 235 to 185.  Can you imagine how happy i was, the problem is I got complacent and stopped. When Jimmy started his Atkins diet he didn’t stop. He lost triple digits 170+ pounds and stuck with it. What he saw at that time in 2005, that I didn’t see, is there is a world out there that needs to know about this amazing thing called ketosis. So he started a blog. Then, in 2006, Jimmy started a Podcast. Now 13 years after stepping out on that limb, he has had over 1,152 episodes. It is the longest running podcast on the internet today, about health.

Jimmy has written 5 books explaining about a Low-Carb High-Fat lifestyle.  Jimmy has interviewed over one thousand people who were experts or very experienced in the health and nutrition world. He even interviewed the antithesis of a low-carb diet, Dr Dean Ornish. Dr. Dean Ornish is one of the premier champions of the Vegetarian Low Fat movement. He even consulted Bill Clinton after his heart troubles. Jimmy’s interview with Dr. Dean Ornish is a classic.

Blue book with the word Cholesterol Clarity

5 books and 3 podcast, has helped thousands of people.

Jimmy is not a doctor or a dietitian. His degree is in political science. With that said, I think he has saved thousands of lives in the last 12 years. With his 5 books and 3 podcasts, he has brought people into the light about low fat diets. He has cured people of their fear of fat, and taught them how to eat a real food healthy lifestyle. I am one of the thousands of people who has found the information he has shared as a lifeline in the low-carb community.


Purple book with the words keto Clarity

When the FDA was holding their hearings for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, they asked jimmy Moore to give his input. We all know the 2010 Dietary guidelines changed very little, but the 2010 hearings made some significant changes. I think, planting the seed in 2010, has led the way to people questioning conventional health guideline wisdom. It is hard to imagine, this one man from South Carolina, who has reached out to change the world, armed only with his personality and a podcast. He now is flown all over the world to speak to people about Low-carb High-Fat living.

book cover with Blue background and white letter that say the Guide to Fasting.

Jimmy Moore has become a Low-Carb resource

To me this is what makes Jimmy one of those people who walks the road less traveled. Even though conventional wisdom says a high fat diet will make you fat and give you heart disease, Jimmy pressed on. Then after having success he blazed the trail for other people. Jimmy now has the longest running health Podcast on the internet. Not just in the low-carb community, but in all the genres. He saw the void and stepped in to fill it. Now thousands of people are better off because of the trail he blazed.

Before Jimmy, you read Atkins book and then went off and tried to make it work. You were left to your own devices in this high-carb world. If you were lucky you might read two books. Now Jimmy has developed a catalog of resource material that becomes the barrier, or bridge, between us and the high-carb world. Every episode I listen to of Low-Carb conversations teaches me something new, or it gives me a new area to focus on and improve.

I have been listening to Jimmy’s podcasts off and on for 2 years. When I heard he would be in Indianapolis promoting his latest book, The Ketogenic Cookbook at the Costco in Indianapolis, I reached out to Jimmy on Twitter. He told me the time of his appearance, so I Made it a point to go see him. It was truly an honor to meet the guy who has helped me understand how I got fat and what I can do the change it.Cook Book with an immage of brisket on a white plate

Meeting Jimmy Moore

I was pleased to see that he was as genuine in person as he was on the podcast. Even though he didn’t know me from Adam, he treated me like we were old friends catching up. He even gave me tips on how to get better at sharing my story and other people’s stories. He gave me names of local people I could contact to build a support group. I really left that conversation knowing that I can loose the other 50 pounds I am shooting to lose.

When you start your low-carb life you are not alone, just turn on a podcast and Jimmy will be there with you. Whether it is Keto Talk, Living la vida low carb, ask the low carb experts, or Low-carb conversation, you can be educated and entertained by these low carb podcast. Jimmy is often a speaker at events like Paleo Fx which is like a low carb convention. He has been promoting a low carb cruise for more than 6 years. Jimmy has really opened the low carb world up to a wider audience through his podcast and books. Now when a new person starts a Low-Carb diet there are tons of resources out there and you will know “You Are Not Alone” because Jimmy Moore is there.

A photo of Jimmy Moore and I at Costco in Indianapolis