Find a dietary plan not just a diet

Find a dietary plan not just a diet

There is a big difference between a dietary plan and a diet, in my mind. A dietary plan is an all-encompassing way of eating which is a long-term change that will fundamentally transform the way you eat for the rest of your life. Your dietary plan should include short-term and long-term boundaries. A diet is a short-term way of eating to hit a goal.  Most people are looking for a diet they can get on to lose weight. The one thing that I have learned is, there is no quick fix to weight loss and getting healthy. Most people spend their whole lives doing diets. Obviously, they are not successful, because if the last diet was successful, they would not need the new one. more “Find a dietary plan not just a diet”

A time to remember

Remember the time.

Standing at the stove as the sun light started to peek through the window shades this morning felt natural. I could remember the time my great-grandmother was standing at the stove in her kitchen in Tennessee. It was an ancient stove to today’s standards. It still used wood for fuel. But she treated it like it was most important thing in the house. I miss those summer days  being a little kid looking up to this, fish catching, shotgun shooting, pig slaughtering, snuff chewing, blue-eyed, dark-skinned woman named Joe. She talked with that Tennessee draw that always makes you feel at home. Every morning she was up before the sun getting breakfast for the family. more “A time to remember”

Starter Tips if you want to start A Low-Carb Life

Where do I Start?

People are always asking for a few tips they ask “what do you eat?” most of the time they ask this because they want tips on how to do a Low-Carb diet. Let me say first we are not doctors and we are not trying to give anyone medical advice. Now with that disclaimer out-of-the-way, there is nothing wrong with sharing what meals we eat and why we eat them. We are only going to share a few tips or what we believe worked for us. If you feel you want to try it then we will give you whatever support we can. more “Starter Tips if you want to start A Low-Carb Life”

Enjoying The Ride

Welcome to my KetoGenesis Blog!

Words cannot describe, how elated I am be on this ketogenic journey. The Keto way of eating/living has revolutionized my life and for the first time has helped me gain a healthy relationship with food. I am proud to state that my carb addiction has completely dissipated!!!

I am also honored to share my journey with you via A Low-Carb Life. Walker One has become a trusted ally for me and has been an absolute God send on this journey. A Low-Carb Life is well on it’s way to become a mecca of compiled information and resources for healthy living. The tools provided here were designed to catapult you to what could be your healthiest life. Walker One has freely provided insight, sound information, and tools that have helped me along my way. My hope in my partnership with him is that something I share will also provide tools for you to store in your Keto/Healthy Living toolbox. more “Enjoying The Ride”

Get rid of the damn scales

I am so tired of scales.

I bought one last year that was supposed to be super accurate, you know lasers and all. 3 months ago I realized that depending on where in the house I set the scale it would give me a different weight. Can you imagine weighing 200 in the kitchen but weighing 215 in the bathroom? This made no sense to me, how could I weigh more in one room then the other, up to 15 lbs. difference. more “Get rid of the damn scales”

The Survey Says!

In a low fat world the low carb is gaining steam. In a gallup poll it was clear that a bigger percentage of people believe low carb is a better way to lose weight then low fat. more “The Survey Says!”