Chapter 1 Inda Spearman Lattimore

Welcome to Chapter 1

I stumbled across Inda on a face group called a 90 day low carb challenge. She posted these pictures that showed such a huge difference between the way she used to be and the way she is now. It totally inspired me right off the bat.

I think People be stunned when they hear the entire story and the numbers, I mean wow. Now you might think that it was like a straight line journey for India. India sorry about that but it really was in her journey is very fascinating with many winding turns. So take a few Minutes to listen to this podcast of my interview with Inda Spearman Lattimore.

This is Inda weight north of 400 lbs. wearing a nice dress.

Low -Carb Tip from Walker One

Kerry GoldPhoto of Inda Spearman lattimore in a black Dress after she has lost a lot of weight.

Have I told you about Kerry Gold butter. “I mean, Bu, Bu, Butter!” Well of course not. This is chapter one. No they are not a sponsor of this show. But, Butter,  it is essential to a low carb high fat diet. When I first looked at Kerry Gold butter I saw the price and I was like butter is butter. There is no way I’m paying that kind of money for some butter. But I keep hearing people talk about it, people like Jimmy Moore talking about it on living la vida Low-Carb. I think for episode 50 to 500, I mean, I think every episode he mentioned Kerry Gold butter at least once or twice but you know when I first open that package I could tell it from the texture and color of Kerry Gold butter versus my regular butter, I knew I had something special

Cooking with Gold

Sauteing  some vegetables in a pan, and at the end, I topped it off with some Kerry Gold and it really was gold and change the entire dish. Now of course I’m not telling you to cook go Kerry Gold it’s pretty expensive to be cooking with.  I think that would be like you know using a New York strip steak for stew. Probably not the best use of a steak right. If you put it on anything at the end, it will do wonders to take that flavor to the next level. Plus it is a quick way to add fat to any meal. So the next time you’re in that dairy section you know to look for that green in yellow pack carry go butter right throw it on your meal and you’ll be I think you’ll you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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14 Day perfect Body

The name is Moore,,,,, Jimmy Moore.

You are not alone, Jimmy Moore is there..

One of the toughest things about living “A Low-Carb Life” is feeling like you are going it alone. in 2003 I felt that way, it was when I started doing Atkins. I felt as if I was on an Island. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. People treated me different. People would often tempt me with foods they knew I was trying not to eat. There was literally no one I could talk to for support. The only resource I had was this book, the Atkins diet. I lost 50 pounds, got within shooting distance of my goal, and then fell off because it felt so foreign to what everyone else was doing. In those days there was no Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or twitter. I remember feeling so alone. Luckily You are not alone. more “The name is Moore,,,,, Jimmy Moore.”