The name is Moore,,,,, Jimmy Moore.

You are not alone, Jimmy Moore is there..

One of the toughest things about living “A Low-Carb Life” is feeling like you are going it alone. in 2003 I felt that way, it was when I started doing Atkins. I felt as if I was on an Island. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. People treated me different. People would often tempt me with foods they knew I was trying not to eat. There was literally no one I could talk to for support. The only resource I had was this book, the Atkins diet. I lost 50 pounds, got within shooting distance of my goal, and then fell off because it felt so foreign to what everyone else was doing. In those days there was no Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or twitter. I remember feeling so alone. Luckily You are not alone. more “The name is Moore,,,,, Jimmy Moore.”

KetoGenesis Week One Video- Ready for Change

Ready, Set, Go Low-Carb

Rochelle, as she introduces her self in this video, was ready for a change. On May 30th of 2016 Rochelle decide to start living a Keto life, which of course is also A Low-Carb Life. Making this huge leap Rochelle decided to start a you tube channel to share her experimental journey. As a stage name Rochelle picked KetoGenesis, for reasons she explains in later video. In this video she introduces us to who she is and what has motivated her to start A Low-Carb Life. more “KetoGenesis Week One Video- Ready for Change”