Meet My Zero-Carb Life Kelly Hogan

Meet Zero-Carb Kelly Hogan

If tomorrow someone did something amazing, like lift a car off their baby using super human strength, scientist would take notice. Companies would spend millions of dollars trying to unlock that potential. If a child fell from an 8th story window and lived, they would do the same thing. When people do extraordinary things, scientist usually take notice. They want to find out what made this person special. Meet My Zero-Carb Life’s Kelly Hogan, she did something, that in today’s world, is pretty amazing. She lost over 120 pounds, had three kids and kept it off the whole time. Let me say that again. A woman, that was previously 120 pounds plus of where she was before having kids, had three kids and was back to normal weight within weeks of having each child. Where are the scientist?

In one photo, Kelly is in a size 24 wedding dress and in the other photo, Kelly is in size 4 jeans.

Photo of kelly Hogan in her size 24 wedding dress. with her friend.Photo of Kelly hogan after she lost 120+ poundsliving a low to no carb life.


I call that pretty amazing. Of course we hear of celebrities doing this all the time. They get paid to look good and hire specialist to help them achieve these goals. Kelly is your everyday mother of 3 children. You would think that someone would be trying to probe Kelly to find out what she has done, that millions of others didn’t do. The truth? Kelly’s story is pretty simple, she decided to go on a zero carb diet.


Zero Carb

Zero Carb, not just low-carb, but no carb. I do low carb high fat. Kelly took it to a whole new level, Zero Carb. I actually am a proponent of zero carb and plan to do it for a while to break my sugar addiction. I try to eat less than 5% carbs, 15% protein 80% High fat. Kelly’s story is amazing, she goes from low carb to no carb. When I read her story I was hooked. I read the first 7 post back to back like I was reading a Tom Clancy novel. I was overtaken about how she lost 80 pounds in the first year doing a low carb diet. Then she became addicted to other things that lead her to wanting to eliminate all carbohydrates from her diet.


Kelly brings a perspective to this Low/no carb world that I can not bring. She talks about having children while eating zero carbs. Raising low carb children and the challenges that go with that. She talks about a lot of her struggles.and how she overcame them while sticking to a low to zero carb diet.


Kelly Hogan has a blog called My Zero carb life which reads like a novel. I won’t be doing a series on Kelly, but I wanted to introduce you to Kelly so you can see a different angle on restricting or eliminating carbohydrates from your life. Click on the photo below if you would like to view Kelly’s website.

A Photo of kelly Riding a bike after she had lost the weight and was living Zero Carb

My take on Zero Carb

I will be the first to admit that going from the standard American diet to low-carb is hard and takes work. I don’t know if jumping straight to no carb would be better, but I do think it is a bigger learning curve. In Kelly’s blog she had been doing low-carb for 5 years before going zero. Kelly talks about how she ate Atkins bars and drank diet sodas, which I stay away from. I advocate eating a Low-Carb High-Fat real food diet. I suggest learning to stay away from processed foods as much as possible and eat a lot more fat. These are a few things that Kelly was not doing on the Low-Carb Diet, that she talks about in her blog. Does this make a big difference or not? I do think it makes it easier for me to fast every Tuesday and Thursday.


I have taken a few tips away from what I read on Kelly’s Blog. One is I need to kick all sweets to the curb. Two is I need to do Zero carb for a few weeks when I hit plateaus.Three I need to include Zero Carb Into my bag of tricks to get healthy and lose weight.Muscle Imbalance Revealed